Spool Contemporary Art Space
manifold invitation
manifold is an ever-increasing multiplicity of like and unlike elements. because it arises organically, diversity is contained within a paradigm of likeness. repetition and variation are, together, endless. life, and its reproduction, may be the key archetype by which these processes can be understood. a tree produces thousands of leaves in accordance with a programmed pattern, but each one, forming, as it does, independently of one another, takes a unique shape. the artistic explorations of these processes of unfolding present us with the results—the manifolds in themselves—and also invite us to participate in their creation. perception and language become a key starting point for the creation of new manifolds.

in the working process itself, all the artists started off at the same ambiguous place, out of which eighteen or so new meanings had to arise, branching off, each creating an origin for a new manifold. and their results are without limit.