Spool Contemporary Art Space

Spool Contemporary Art Space is a not-for-profit organization founded by Binghamton University Professor Don DeMauro in 2000. The space exists in an historic building, which was formerly the Lestershire Spool & Mfg. Co., and is part of the Health and Cultural District in the Village of Johnson City. Since its inception, Spool has been host to a wide variety of art installations and exhibitions, including dance and musical performance, spoken word, cinema, and theater productions. Spool provides a unique venue for the community to enjoy diverse forms of art produced by regional, national and international artists.

For more, view Spool Contemporary Art Space director
Don Demauro in this short film vimeo.com/54166106
(2012, Stephen Schweitzer).

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"To The Workers"
February 9-11, 2024
Opening reception: Friday, Feb 9, 6-8pm
Zoe Congdon, Ethan DePinto, Noelia Feliciano, Emily Gangloff, Simon Liebskind, Margo MacWilliams, Thomas Medlarz, Andrew Nieves, Lucciana Robertson, Caitlin Smith, Anna Stacey